Basic Nutrition Quiz

Basic Nutrition Quiz

Do you know the basics?

Here is chance to begin to test your knowledge of nutrition. Below are five questions plus a bonus question that will help you discover what you know and what you don't know about the fundamentals of this subject that is so important to your goal to eat healthy and feel well.

Grab a piece of paper and pencil and jot down your answers to these questions, and then click on the Answers link to find out how well you did.

Basic Nutrition Quiz

Basic Nutrition Quiz

Question #1. Name the six basic nutrient categories.

Question #2. Name the 3 nutrient categories that provide calories.

Question #3. What are the five food groups found on the USDA MyPlate?

Question #4. Name 3 goals of a healthy eating plan?

Question #5. Does the 30-30-40 rule for nutrition refer to the measurements of a pear-shaped woman?

Basic Nutrition Quiz Bonus Question: What category of foods, although not traditionally included in the list of basic nutrient categories, is now often considered a separate nutrient due to its importance in healthy eating?


Nutrition is the study of the substances found in food and how they work in the body. Since it is a science, its findings should be based on reproducible experimentation and carefully controlled studies. Research in the relatively new field of nutrition, is ongoing and nearly every week, a new study comes out revealing some interpretation of recent scientific data.

Health is Wealth

The study of nutrition is really about feeling well, so that you have the energy and vitality to enjoy your life. The truism that “Health is Wealth” cannot be overstated. Health is one of those things that if you have it, you can focus on other things, and if you don’t, it will be all that you can focus on. And wellness does not come about by accident. It is a conscious, purposeful approach to living that requires at least a little knowledge about nutrition.

Many studies over the last 30 years have shown that what we eat and how we eat plays a major role in how we feel and particularly, how well we are. 

For this reason, I would like as many people as possible to become more aware of what healthy eating involves, and of the extreme benefits that can be found in being conscious of what and how we eat.

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