150 Pounds Gone Forever Review

150 Pounds Gone Forever Review

150 Pounds Gone Forever

I heard about this book through a friend who saw an interview with the author on television. Because of my training and interest in health issues, my friend wanted me to review the book and see if I thought the program had merit.

Needless to say, I have reviewed numerous diet books and weight loss plans over the years. When I was in college I even did a research project comparing all of the most popular approaches to weight loss, as part of my dietetics program.

What I liked most about Diane Carbonell’s book is that it is not hokey or in any way a gimmick. She is a real person who struggled with morbid obesity and triumphed over it using simple concepts, common sense, patience and perseverance.

I also appreciated the perspective of a morbidly obese woman, trying to survive in a culture where being overweight is regarded as embarrassing at the least and disgusting by many—but that’s another subject for another day!

Here is my list of specific Pros for this book:

-The book is well written in an honest and engaging style.

-It has interactive questions throughout, which bring you into the process as Diane tells her story.

-Staying healthy while you lose weight is emphasized.

-Included in the book are great before and after photos that give you an idea of what Diane accomplished, and inspire you to do the same.

-Exercise is an important component of the program, with a section providing actual exercises you can do, including both strength training and aerobics.

-There is a discussion of fats, good and bad, that will help educate you about the important role of this nutrient group in successful weight loss.

-Portion control is discussed in detail, which may be one of the most important keys to successful weight loss.

-Younger women, who are contemplating pregnancy, may find Diane's story particularly compelling.

-There is a great section in the book about habits, plateaus and other issues associated with weight loss.

-There is a recipe section with some of Diane's favorites that she prepares for her family.

-There is enough flexibility in the plan to accommodate any lifestyle or diet preference.

-Maintenance, once you have lost the weight, is covered, along with tips and suggestions that will help you avoid gaining the weight back.

-The book has appendices with tools to help you succeed and an index in the back to help you easily reference various topics as you lose weight.

-There is nothing else to buy (other than the book) to try this program. No supplements. No equipment. No diet foods. No membership in a website.

Is there a down side?

Normally when I review a book, I provide a list of the PROS and CONS that I see. In this case I can’t really see any CONS in this approach to weight loss. Although it may not be for everyone, I think many people would be helped by Diane's "Fit to the Finish" program and the upbeat tone of the book is encouraging and inspiring. If you combine that with all of the useful information and tips, it seems like a recipe for success.

One of my favorite stories in the book is when Diane talks about starting to exercise. She describes a determined woman who, regardless of the difficulty, was going to do this thing. Unless you have been morbidly obese, you may not be able to appreciate the accomplishment that first 20 minute walk was for her, but it exemplifies why Diane succeeded.

Regardless of what people who saw her would think, and in spite of a lot of huffing and puffing, she started her journey that day and look where she ended up! Slim, fit and enjoying life with her family and friends!

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