Weight Loss Quiz

Weight Loss Quiz

Nearly everyone has been on a weight loss regimen at some time in his or her life, and many people have experienced the full gamut of approaches to weight reduction, from starvation to pills to cabbage soup.

Here is a quiz to help test your basic knowledge of how calories fit in the weight loss picture.

Quiz - Weight Loss

Weight Loss Quiz Question #1.

What is the basic energy balance equation for weight loss that most healthy eating experts agree on?

a. (Calories you use) plus (Calories you eat) = Total Calories you need

b. (Calories you eat) divided by (Calories you use) = Total Energy

c. (Calories you eat) minus (Calories you use) = Calories stored as fat

d.  Energy = (Mass times constant)

e. all of the above

Weight Loss Quiz Question #2.

How many extra calories do you need to consume to gain one pound of body fat?

a. 3500

b. 500

c. 1,000

d. 5,000

e. 200

Weight Loss Quiz Question #3.

Which of the following factors can affect hunger and appetite?

a. Genetics

b. Hormones

c. Time of Day

d. Food availability

e. all of the above

Weight Loss Quiz Question #4.

What are the three parts of energy expenditure that contribute to how many calories you need?

a. Basal Metabolic Rate, Physical Activity, Eating and Digesting Food

b. Hair color, Eye color, Shoe size

c. Stomach, Liver and Pancreas

d. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

e. all of the above

Weight Loss Quiz Question #5.

What is a desirable Body Mass Index (BMI)?

a. below 35

b. below 40

c.  below 10

d.  below 25

e.  all of the above

Bonus Question:

What factors may affect your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), the number of calories you need just to live?

a. Your Gender

b. Your Age

c. The Weather

d. Your Height

e.  all of the above

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In addition...

If I knew the secret to easy, permanent weight loss that works for everyone, I would give it to you—free of charge. In fact, I would shout it from the rooftops! Having said that, I still believe it is possible to achieve a healthier weight by changing the way you think about food.

You can do this by educating yourself about food, eating mostly fresh, whole foods, eating consciously--enjoying each mouthful, and by balancing the needs of your mind, body and spirit.

You probably know that who you are is made up of three essential components--body, mind and spirit.

--The body encompasses your height, weight, body type, muscle mass, fat mass, organ health, hormonal status and all the other things that make up the physical you.

--The mind involves how you make decisions, attitudes about food and diet, your eating habits, perceptions and all the ways your mind influences your behaviors.

--The spirit is mostly about your relationship with God and how this affects how you live your life, including how you approach healthy eating.

It is important when you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight that you take all three of these facets into account. Neglecting any one of them will keep you from achieving your healthy eating goals.

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