Vitamin Quiz

Vitamin Quiz

Vitamins are necessary for good health

As the name suggests, vitamins are “vital” to good health. By definition, they are organic substances, required by your body to perform specific tasks. Unlike the energy nutrients, protein, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins do not supply calories. However, like these other nutrients, vitamins must be supplied by your diet in order for you to be healthy.

Here is your chance to check your knowledge of the role of vitamins in wellness. Jot down your answers to the five multiple-choice questions plus (for the truly adventurous) a bonus question. Then click on the Answers link to find out how well you did and what your score means.

Vitamin Quiz Question #1.   What are the two categories of vitamins, based on how the body absorbs and stores them? 

a. Pills and Capsules

b. Water-soluble and Fat-soluble

c. Solid and Liquid

d. Flintstones and Centrum

e. all of the above

Vitamin Quiz Question #2.   What affects the vitamin content of the foods you eat?

a. Light, Heat, Oxygen

b. How food is prepared

c. Storing food improperly

d. Whether you eat foods raw or cooked

e. all of the above

Vitamin Quiz Question #3.   What is the best way to get your vitamins?

a. in a pill

b. from your Grandma

c. from foods

d. from a booster shot

e. all of the above

Vitamin Quiz Question #4.   From which food groups can you get the vitamins you need to be healthy?

a. Meats

b. Vegetables and Fruits

c. Whole grains

d. Dairy products

e. all of the above

Vitamin Quiz Question #5. What does it mean when foods are “enriched” or “fortified?”

a. Foods have nutrients replaced or added to make them more nutritious

b. Foods are cooked in a way to make them more nutritious

c. Foods are packaged to protect their nutritional value

d. Foods are made “Smarter than a Fifth Grader” and “Stronger than Dirt”

e. all of the above

Bonus question:   What is a “precursor” with regard to vitamins?

a. Scientific name for a vitamin molecule

b. Describes the scientific structure that vitamins have

c. Category of vitamins that leads to foul language

d. An inactive form of the vitamin that can be converted to the active form

e. all of the above

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Why do I need them?

You need vitamins to be healthy and to feel good. Together with the other nutrients, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Minerals and Water, they help keep your body working properly. Each vitamin has a significant role to play in the your total good health.

What if I don’t get enough vitamins?

-Without enough Vitamin A, your skin and vision will suffer.

-Without sufficient amounts of the B's, you will not have the energy to do the things you want to do each day.

-If you are missing Vitamin C, your gums will bleed and your wounds will not heal.

-A lack of Vitamin D will make your bones frail, and a lack of Vitamin D has recently been linked to some kinds of cancer.

-If you don’t get enough Vitamin E, you may feel tired, and studies suggest that you will be more susceptible to certain diseases.

-Without sufficient amounts of Vitamin K, your blood will not clot and your bones will be frail.

These are some of the things we know about the need for vitamins, but there are probably other important roles that we have yet to discover.

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