Thiamin Quiz Answers

Thiamin Quiz Answers

Question #1. What is the main function of thiamin (Vitamin B1)?

Answer: Thiamin functions as a co-enzyme to help release energy from the food you eat. Studies are ongoing regarding the role of thiamin in preventing cancer and heart disease.

Question #2. Name five good sources of thiamin?

Answer: Whole or enriched grain products, Meat-especially pork, Legumes, Winter squash, Nuts

Question #3. How can food preparation methods affect the amount of thiamin in the food you eat?

Answer: Thiamin is destroyed by excessive heat, so cooking thiamin-rich foods on high heat can reduce their thiamin content. Cooking methods, such as steaming should be used whenever possible to preserve the vitamin content of vegetables.

Question #4. What are the symptoms of thiamin deficiency?

Answer: The most common symptoms of thiamin deficiency are: Muscle weakness, Lack of energy, Irritability

Question #5. What is the name given to a severe thiamin deficiency?

Answer: Severe thiamin deficiency is called “Beriberi,” and is common in underdeveloped countries.

Bonus Question: How does alcoholism affect a person’s need for thiamin?

Answer: Alcoholics are at particular risk for thiamin deficiency, since alcohol inhibits the ability of the body to absorb thiamin. This means that even if an alcoholic is eating lots of thiamin-rich food, the body may not have access to enough thiamin to maintain good health. If alcohol is replacing food in the diet, there could also be a thiamin deficiency.

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What your score means

If you had 0-1 Correct Answers: You don't have Beriberi, but you may be darn close! You may want to learn more about how vitamins are important to good health.

If you had 2-3 Correct Answers: You're not an expert yet, but you know enough to keep your body supplied with this important B vitamin!

If you had 4-5 Correct Answers: You probably get enough energy from the foods you eat, and you probably know why!

If you had all 6 Correct Answers: No muscle weakness for you, since you are smart enough to get all the thiamin you need!

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