Protein Quiz

Protein Quiz

What do you know about protein?

With the popularity of high-protein diets, many people have become more savvy about this vital nutrient.  Food manufacturers have even catered to this interest by promoting their products based on the protein added or found naturally in a particular item.  Protein powders have become a staple in the food supply, and many rely on them as part of their daily regimen.

Here is chance to test your knowledge of protein and the role it plays in healthy eating. Below are five multiple choice questions plus a bonus question that will help you discover what you know and what you don't know about this important nutrient.

Grab a piece of paper and pencil and jot down your answers to these questions, and then click on the "Answers" link to find out how well you did.

Protein Quiz

Question #1. The “building blocks” of protein are called: 

a. essential fatty acids
b. amino acids
c. fibrous tissues
d. complementary proteins
e. all of the above

Question #2. Most complete proteins come from:

a. animal sources
b. beans, peas and lentils
c. Canada
d. cleaning your plate
e. all of the above

Question #3 These foods are significant sources of protein:

a. broccoli, spinach, carrots, green beans
b. chicken, cheese, eggs, beans
c. apples, bananas, oranges, grapes
d. honey, molasses, maple syrup
e. all of the above

Question #4. A standard 3 oz. serving of meat is about the size of:

a. a Kennedy half dollar
b. an Apple iPad
c. a regulation softball
d. a deck of playing cards
e. all of the above

Question #5. Protein is necessary for:

a. making hormones, enzymes and antibodies
b. maintaining fluid balance
c. clotting of blood
d. transporting oxygen
e. all of the above

Protein Quiz Bonus Question: Essential amino acids are called “essential” because:

a. they are more important than the other amino acids
b. they must be supplied by the food you eat
c. they are more expensive than the other amino acids
d. they can only be found in animal foods
e. all of the above


Another case of "You are what you eat!"

The answer to the question of what is protein is simple. You are! If you take away the fat in your body and the water in your body, your bones and muscles and tissues and hair and skin and fingernails and toenails and hormones and enzymes are mostly protein… Wow! When you think of it like that, you can see how important protein is to healthy eating.

Getting enough

Nearly everything you eat has some protein in it, but to get enough, you need to eat several servings a day of the significant sources such as meat, dairy, eggs and/or certain plant foods. This is particularly important for children, pregnant women and athletes.

Caveat: Even if you eat a lot, if you eat mostly “junk foods," i.e. foods with little or no nutritional value, you are putting yourself at risk for protein deficiency.

Healthy eating

Try to eat some protein foods at each meal. Choose protein from a variety of sources. In the case of animal protein, concentrate on the leaner or low-fat types. Just for fun, investigate some of the protein foods from plants.

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