Losing Weight

Nearly everyone has tried losing weight at some time in their life, and many people have experienced the full range of approaches to weight reduction, from starvation to drugs to cabbage soup. If there is one approach to weight loss that would work for everyone, I do not think we have found it yet. 

We're all individuals with our own physiology and lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy weight seems to work differently for each of us. 

Having said that, we do know that weight loss and being healthy in general is a matter of taking care of your whole self, including body, mind and spirit. With that in mind, and without recommending any specific weight loss plan, here are some tips that may help.

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Tips for Losing Weight

-Get a physical check-up to make sure there are no underlying health problems. Be sure to discuss with your doctor your plans to lose weight.

-Do not "go on a diet"; instead, make a lifestyle change.

-Set a realistic goal for yourself.

-Educate yourself about food.

-Avoid single food plans and plans that eliminate certain food groups.

-Try some behavior modification techniques such as:

1.  Eating slowly and deliberately, putting your fork down between bites

2.  Using a smaller plate,

3.  Focusing on eating by not doing anything else at the same time,

4.  Planning what and how much you will eat ahead of time,

5.  Writing down what you eat in a food journal,

6.   Changing habits that contribute to poor food choices--such as: taking the route that goes past the fast-food place, or keeping a bag of candy in your car,

7.  Rewarding yourself with other pleasures besides food,

8.  Canceling your membership in the "Clean Plate Club".

-Read labels and become label-savvy.

-Become aware of both portions and serving sizes.

-Be wary of "low-fat" foods.

-Don't obsess about the number on the scale.

-Include plenty of fiber-rich foods in your diet.

-Drink fresh, filtered water as your beverage of choice.

-Eat foods that you enjoy, and try to change your thinking to like foods that are healthy for you.

-Get enough sleep.

-Be flexible within limits.

-If you goof, don't use it as an excuse to give up.

-If you are an emotional eater, in other words, if you eat when you are sad, bored, happy, or in the throes of any strong emotion, try to come up with alternative pleasures that you can substitute for eating at those times.

-Find ways to handle stress in your life, including exercise, deep breathing, prayer or whatever works for you.

-Smile, laugh and think positively.

-Cultivate your spiritual health.

-Spend time thinking about ways you can help others and then doing it.

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