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Healthy Eating Tips - Always Useful

I have always been a sucker for the “tips” section of any publication. Inherent in the concept, is learning something that will make life easier or better in some way.

Sometimes we take for granted that everyone knows all the tricks and tips that we know, but I am always so grateful when someone is kind enough to share some special remedy, process or "rule of thumb" that they have found helpful.

Here are some healthy eating tips that can help make it easier for you to buy, prepare and enjoy foods that will keep you well and strong.

Keep in mind that the tips found here are ones that I know for sure are useful, because I use them myself! I will be adding to this page as new tips come to mind, or as discoveries come my way.

Click on the links for each category of the healthy eating tips and enjoy! 

Nutrition Tips

Tip #1: Choose color! 

Tip #2: Fat--how can you tell if it’s saturated? 

Tip #3: Water—the beverage of choice

Tip #4: Flax seed for Omega-3 and fiber

Tip #5: Cinnamon

Tip #6: Complementary Proteins

Tip #7: Cooking with whole-grain flour

Tip #8: Breading and Bread crumbs

Food Supply Tips

Tip #1: Egg Quality

Tip #2: Supermarket shopping

Tip #3: Choosing a ripe cantaloupe

Tip #4: Choosing Cheese

Tip #5: Buying Produce

Tip #6: HFCS

Tip #7: Fiber in bread

Tip #8: Sugar by any other name is still sugar

Tip #9: Keep it plain and simple

Tip #10: Choosing the best watermelon

Weight Loss and Diet Tips

Tip #1: Serving sizes

Tip #2: Conscious Eating

Tip #3: Keeping Track

Tip #4: Are you Nuts?

Tip #5: Hydrate...Hydrate...Hydrate!

Tip #6: Low-fat foods

Tip #7: How big is your ice cream scoop?

Tip #8: Hunger or Appetite?

Tip #9: Liquid calories count too

Digestion Tips

Tip #1: Indigestion

Tip #2: Peppermint Tea

Tip #3: Ginger

Tip #4: Beans, Beans, the marvelous fruit…

Tip #5: Licorice anyone?

Tip #6: Belching

Tip #7: Relax!

Tip #8: Limit hard to digest foods.

Tip #9: Chew a teaspoon of fennel seeds to soothe digestive tract and eliminate gas.

Recipe and Cooking Tips

Tip #1: Squeaky-clean vegetables and fruits

Tip #2: Dressing your salad

Tip #3: Fresh Herbs

Tip #4: Blend the cottage cheese 

Tip #5: Lighter whole-grain breads

Tip #6: Sweet potato “fries”

Tip #7: Alligator Pears

Tip #8: Did your cream soup curdle? 

Tip #9: Reducing the acid in your tomato dishes

Tip #10: For better baked goods, warm up the eggs

Tip #11:The shape of homemade bread 

Tip #12:Are you measuring your flour correctly?

Tip #13: The secret to making great oatmeal

Tip #14: Tips for making scrambled eggs

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