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Getting Tested for Food Sensitivities

by LaVonne

I've lost 13 pounds! It's actually a result of having my blood tested for food sensitivities.

The test I took was performed by AlCat Worldwide. The blood was drawn by a local lab, and they sent it to AlCat down in Florida. There are various tests to take, and I took the one for 200 foods and spices. The results were VERY interesting!

I found out I am sensitive to gluten and dairy (except eggs). It's a whole new world for me, and I'm adjusting many of my recipes to accommodate this new style of eating.

It's really not as bad as I thought it would be, but I DO miss butter, olive oil and chicken, of all things! I don't really miss bread, as I can make rice flour bread into many different varieties, and there are tons of recipes on the food network to experiment with.

Losing weight is a wonderful bonus to this plan. My entire body used to be inflamed and now it's not. My massage therapist and acupuncturist both say my skin has changed totally—it's now more "pliable and elastic,” when it used to be taut and uncomfortable because the cells were swollen.

In addition, I now have a TON of energy and I feel great! It's absolutely amazing the difference in my body!

I get to add sensitive foods back into my diet, a different one every 3-4 days, to see if I'm still sensitive to it. My reaction to the food may be mild, moderate or severe.

I will be tested again in 9 months to see if my sensitivities have changed. I hope so, because I cannot have BASIL for 9 months because that was my severest sensitivity! It's also my favorite spice in many recipes, which may be why I'm overloaded on it.

I wanted to share this information because I hope it will help someone who is suffering with food sensitivities to feel better!

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