Free Healthy Eating Plan


Free Healthy Eating Plan

Eating healthy is one thing you CAN do!

Most of us want to live longer and feel better while we're here. Although you can’t control all of the factors that affect your ability to do that, you do get to decide what you put in your mouth, and diet can have a huge affect on your ability to live well. 

Simple is better

A basic principle of healthy eating is that simple, unadorned foods are far better for you than more richly appointed dishes and highly processed foods.

Common sense plan

In general, if you think a food is bad for you—lots of fat, lots of sugar, over-processed or devoid of nutrition, it probably is. If you think it’s good for you—fresh, colorful, lightly cooked, high in fiber, real food—it most likely is.

In case you need a little help, here is a healthy eating plan that is recommended by the USDA for someone on a 2,000-calorie diet, which encompasses many adults. These amounts can be divided up into meals and snacks throughout the day.

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Healthy Eating Plan

*Eat 2 cups of fruit each day.

*Eat 2 1/2 cups of vegetables each day.

*Eat 6 oz. of grains each day.

*Eat 5 1/2 oz. of meat and legumes each day.

*Eat 3 cups from the milk group each day.

*Limit yourself to 6 tsp. from the oils group each day.

*Eat 267 calories of discretionary (meaning you choose!) each day.

More or Less

If you are an active person, and need more than 2,000 calories, you can use this healthy eating plan as a basis and just add some servings across the board to each group. Conversely, if you need fewer calories because you are sedentary, you can limit the discretionary calories and be sure to choose low-fat versions of dairy products and meat.

A few more tips

Of course, there are other recommendations that would enhance this plan, such as choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and good quality fats, but this is the basic structure of a healthy diet.

Eat and be well with my warmest regards, 

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Free healthy eating plan extras

-Include a serving of low-fat versions of good quality protein with each meal and snack.

-Eat good carbs such as whole grains most, if not all of the time. 

-Choose unsaturated fats such as olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds.

-Include fiber foods with each meal so that you get a total of 25-30 grams of fiber each day.

-Eat colorful foods for their phytonutrients.

-Stay away from empty calories that provide calories but little nutrition.

-Limit your intake of foods that contain added sugar and salt.

-Limit prepackaged foods and fast foods, which are generally over-processed, full of preservatives and high in sodium.