Why eating healthy matters

Abundance does not equal good health

Most of us know that eating healthy foods, at least most of the time, will help us to feel better and live longer. 

Although we have the most abundant food supply in history, the increased consumption of fast foods and processed foods, along with our busy lifestyles, make choosing healthy foods more of a challenge.

The problem for most people in developed countries is not that we don’t have enough food, but that we too often make the wrong food choices.

There is no doubt that what we eat and how we eat plays a major role in how we feel and particularly, how well we are. For this reason, I would like as many people as possible to become more aware of what healthy eating involves, and of the extreme benefits that can be found in being conscious of what and how we eat.

Here is list of the benefits of eating healthy.

Rewards for Eating Healthy

-You will feel better, with better digestion and general well-being.

-You will live longer, at least with regard to health-related mortality.

-You will sleep better.

-You will look better, with healthy skin, hair, eyes, teeth, etc.

-You will have more energy to do the things you love.

-You will require fewer visits to the doctor and dentist.

-Your mood will improve.

-Your love life will improve (especially if your spouse is eating healthy, too).

-You are less likely to struggle with obesity.

-You will be less likely to develop diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

-If you are already suffering from a disease or disorder, eating healthy will help keep it under control or even reverse it.

The need to know

Now that you know why a healthy diet will improve your life, I hope you will take some time to educate yourself about the foods you eat. Begin with the basics by clicking on the "Nutrition" button at the top of this page  under "Basics" and work your way down from there.

If you prefer a quick take on specific topics, try some of the choice under the "Topics" button. 

Every little bit you learn will help you toward your goal of feeling well and a living a long, productive life.

Making a molehill out of a mountain

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Whether at work or at home, some days you will find yourself looking at the seemingly monumental tasks that you have to accomplish, and be ready to throw in the towel. Then you realize that giving up is not an option, so you just do the next thing and the next, and before long you have made a dent and suddenly the mountain doesn't look so high.

Too busy to be healthy?

The same approach can work when it comes to healthy eating. In the midst of your busy life, it may seem that you don't have time to eat healthy. In addition, if you look at the size of the mountain of your bad eating habits, it could be daunting to consider even attacking the foothills.

Small steps for large rewards

If you make one change each week, it won't be long before the cumulative effect will provide enormous benefits with regard to improving your health and well being.

Here are some links to help you make some small, incremental changes.

Replace Soft Drinks with Healthy Beverages

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Find Out What a Serving Is

Try Some Meatless Meals

Add Fiber to Your Diet

Reduce Added Sugar in Your Diet

Choose Good Fats

Limit or Avoid Junk Food

Wash Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Just do the next thing

I hope you will begin today to change your eating habits for the better. There are many things you cannot control in your life, and there will always be mountains too high to climb, but taking steps to eat healthy is one thing you can do to reach the peak of wellness. Just do the next thing!

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