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Crazy Sexy Diet Review

by Marisa

Marisa's question...

I just heard about this new diet called "The Crazy, Sexy Diet." I need to lose about 40 pounds, and I am looking for a good diet program. What do you think of this one?

Suzy's answer...

This is a question that I am sure many are asking themselves, since this is the time of year when people are focused on losing weight, and The Crazy, Sexy Diet has been getting some media hype.

I have reviewed this book and, as with most diet programs, there are some pros and cons.

Beating the odds

One thing to keep in mind, is that this diet came about as a result of the author finding herself suffering from an advanced case of a rare cancer that was untreatable by conventional medicine.

As a result of her diagnosis, she decided to do some research, change her lifestyle and live! Good for her! This should inspire us all to take our health into our own hands, educate ourselves and live well, even without a cancer diagnosis.

Having said that, here is my list of pros and cons regarding this book:


*The book has a wealth of information and is beautifully presented, with wonderful colorful pages and illustrations.

*The diet involves eating more fresh, whole foods such as vegetables and fruits.

*Packaged and processed foods are discouraged and even eliminated with this diet.

*The dangers of excessive sugar consumption are addressed.

*The diet includes eating less meat (author is actually a vegan) in favor of more plant-based proteins.

*The book discusses the importance of probiotics, omega fats and Vitamin D, but also encourages getting nutrients from real food.

health tips, unrelated to food, are also included along with shopping and budget tips.

*The book includes some great recipes to help you make changes in your diet.

*The author succeeded in achieving vibrant good health in the face of a devastating diagnosis!


*Taken as a whole, the diet would be quite extreme for most people, since it involves eschewing all animal products and other foods that are part of most people's lifestyle. (The author does say that even if you only make some of the suggested changes in your lifestyle, you will benefit.)

*There is a fair amount of bad language in the book, which you may find offensive.

*There is a spiritual component to the diet, which is not Christian, so Christians may be put off by that aspect.

I hope this helps, Marisa, and that you succeed in your goal to lose weight.

Change your life for good.

My suggestion is that, rather than finding a "program," you make a plan to change your lifestyle, using sound principles, such as eating a diet based on fresh whole foods, with an emphasis on vegetables, fruits and whole grains, with lean proteins and healthy fats included in moderation.

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Keep in mind that everyone is different and there is no proscribed "diet" that will work for everyone, especially for the long term. Just like the author of this book, you need to take your health into your own hands, educate yourself and find out what works for you and then change your lifestyle for good.

Eat and be healthy with my warmest regards,

Suzy Staywell

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