Carbohydrates Quiz

Carbohydrates Quiz

Is carb a four-letter word?

Many people think of carbohydrates as that category of foods that make you fat. I recently read an article about a celebrity who lost a lot of weight and his secret was "to eliminate all carbohydrates." However, after reading the entire article, I found there was some confusion about exactly what are carbohydrate foods.

Do you know a carb from a carbuncle?

Here is your chance to see what you know about this often misunderstood food choice. Try your luck with these True or False questions, and then click on the Answers link to see how well you did.

Carbohydrate Quiz

TRUE or FALSE Question #1. Starches, Sugars and Fibers are all types of carbohydrates.

TRUE or FALSE Question #2. Fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates.

TRUE or FALSE Question #3. Table sugar is a complex carbohydrate.

TRUE or FALSE Question #4. Most carbohydrate foods come from plants.

TRUE or FALSE Question#5. Carbohydrate foods should be eliminated from your diet if you want to lose weight.

Carbohydrates Quiz TRUE or FALSE Bonus Question: A low-carb diet may give you halitosis (bad breath). 

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Frustration related to carbohydrates

I know you want to enjoy your food, not analyze it, and you definitely don’t want to think of it only in terms of percentage of daily requirements. In addition, many of the foods we eat do not fall into one category. So what do you do? As with protein, if you live in a developed nation like the U.S.A., you are probably getting enough carbs. Even in less developed countries, carbs are generally more common in the food supply than protein.

The right stuff

The big concern with carbs is not whether we are getting enough, but rather, which carbs are we eating. Are you eating a lot of bread and skipping vegetables and fruits? Are you eating white flour products and missing out on the benefits of whole grain foods? Do you concentrate on starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, and say no to broccoli and dark leafy greens? Do you go for deep-fried vegetables rather than eating them lightly cooked or raw? Chances are you are getting enough carbs, but are they the right kind?

Get the real scoop

In the article mentioned above, both the celebrity and the journalist who wrote the article seemed muddled about carbohydrate foods. If you want to feel well, you need to educate yourself about eating healthy. Don’t rely on news stories about celebrities for your healthy eating inspiration or information.

As the food supply changes, and not always for the better, it is even more important that you know which foods contribute to your long-term health and longevity, so you can eat more of those, and which foods may hinder your wellness, so that you can limit or avoid those. You can do it!

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