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Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Detox

by Susie
(Milwaukee, WI, USA)

Susie's Question...

Is the Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Detox okay to do with diabetes? Also how long do you keep this up? A month, two or just till you reach your goal?

Suzy's Answer...

This is a great question and one that many people are asking. My answer is that I don't recommend that you take pills like this to lose weight, particularly if you are on medication for treating diabetes. I think that it is mostly a rip-off, anyway, to separate you from your money.

In the case of acai, it is recommended that anyone with diabetes check with their physician (and pharmacist) before using it since it may interfere with prescription medication.

The same would apply to a product that is supposed to do a colon cleanse. In my opinion, you would be better off adding some fiber to your diet along with a good quality pro-biotic yogurt. The colon was designed to cleanse itself, and if you eat a healthy diet, it will do just that.

I wish there was a pill we could take to lose weight, but the reality is that it always gets back to diet and exercise! As much as we hate hearing that, even these type of weight loss products include improving your diet and getting more exercise as part of their regimen.

What they don't tell us is that we could achieve the same result by changing our lifestyle without the pills!

I hope this helps you decide about these products
and weather they are right for you.
Thanks so much for visiting the site!

Suzy Staywell

Nutrition page

Ideas to help you lose weight:

Try some behavior modification techniques such as:

Eating slowly and deliberately, putting your fork down between bites,

Using a smaller plate,

Focusing on eating by not doing anything else at the same time,

Planning what and how much you will eat ahead of time,

Writing down what you eat in a food journal,

Changing habits and patterns that contribute to poor food choices--such as taking the route that goes past the fast-food place or keeping a bag of candy in your car,

Rewarding yourself with other pleasures besides food,

Canceling your membership in the “Clean Plate Club”, so you can quit eating when you are full.

If you are an emotional eater, that is if you eat when you are sad, bored, happy, or in the throes of any strong emotion, try to come up with alternative pleasures that you can substitute for eating at those times.

These could be a warm bath, talking with a friend, an interesting book or a movie, a walk with your favorite canine companion, a bicycle ride, a bit of time in the sunshine, romance, enjoying or playing music, or anything else that you enjoy, including helping others.

If you can get your brain to suggest other pleasures besides food as a response to emotion, it will be easier to change the eating habits that have caused you to gain weight.

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