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Jan 18, 2019

Vitamin C Sources and Functions

Vitamin C sources and functions discussed, along with the importance of getting enough of this important vitamin.

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Jan 17, 2019


Superfoods is a relatively new and increasingly popular term being used in the healthy eating food vernacular.

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Jan 16, 2019

Vegetarian Diets

A discussion of vegetarian diets -- why people choose them and the ramifications of that choice.

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Jan 15, 2019

Free Healthy Eating Plan

Here is a simple and free healthy eating plan to help you get started toward living long and well.

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Jan 14, 2019

Recipe Lentil Soup - Savory, delicious and so good for you!

Recipe Lentil Soup - a hearty soup made with complementary proteins and savory vegetables

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Jan 11, 2019

Carbohydrates Quiz - Do You Know a Carb from a Carbuncle?

Just for fun, test your knowledge with this carbohydrates quiz designed to test what you know about the basics of this important nutrient category.

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Jan 10, 2019

Nutrition Quiz Fats - What do you know about lipids?

How much do you know about fats? This Nutrition Quiz Fats page will help you find out what you know about this often-misunderstood nutrient.

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Jan 09, 2019

Protein Quiz

A protein quiz to test your knowledge of this important nutrient and the role it plays in your good health.

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Jan 08, 2019

Carbohydrate Definition

A carbohydrate definition, including the type and function of this important nutrient in a healthy diet.

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Jan 07, 2019

Weight Loss Quiz

A weight loss quiz to test your basic knowledge of how your body uses calories to help you test what you know about this important topic.

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Jan 04, 2019

Weight Loss Tips

A list of useful weight loss tips to help you reach your goal to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

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Jan 03, 2019

150 Pounds Gone Forever Book Review

This page is a 150 Pounds Gone Forever Review to help you decide if this book about weight loss is worth looking into.

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Jan 03, 2019

The Best Weight Loss Plan

This page discusses the best weight loss plan, with a list of red flags, and attributes to look for when considering the best way to lose weight.

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Dec 28, 2018

Recipe Minestrone - Hearty and Nutritious Soup

Recipe Minestrone - a hearty Italian soup with a rich, spicy broth ideal for Lacto-vegetarian, Lacto-ovo vegetarian, Vegan.

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Dec 26, 2018

Recipe Cottage Cheese Loaf

Recipe Cottage Cheese Loaf - a main dish for Lacto-ovo vegetarians

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Dec 21, 2018

Recipe French Onion Soup - Fondue for Dinner

Recipe French Onion Soup - a vegetarian version of this popular soup with its savory onion base, a touch of vermouth and baked with a crusty crouton and Swiss cheese.

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Dec 19, 2018

Conscious Eating - Pay attention for best health and weight loss

One way to lose or maintain weight and be healthy is to practice conscious eating using these tips as a guide.

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Dec 17, 2018

Recipe Vegetarian Lasagna

Recipe Vegetarian Lasagna - a delicious variation of this popular favorite.

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Dec 14, 2018

Recipe Meatballs Made without Meat

Recipe Meatballs using walnuts as a base instead of meat, suitable for Lacto-ovo vegetarians.

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Dec 13, 2018

What Is Gout? - More than a royal pain!

What is gout and how can you change your diet to help treat this painful form of arthritis.

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Dec 12, 2018

Recipe Baklava - A Holiday Tradition

Recipe Baklava - Delightful nutty treat made with honey and phyllo leaves.

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Dec 11, 2018

Healthy Grains

A list of healthy grains, with a description and recipe ideas to help you plan your healthy diet.

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Dec 10, 2018

Recipe Wassail - Spicey hot apple cider with orange juice

Recipe Wassail for everyone to enjoy on those cold winter nights and as a holiday tradition!

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Dec 07, 2018

Healthy Eating Plan

A discussion of the value of a healthy eating plan in helping you to feel better and stay well by making a sound nutrition plan.

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Dec 06, 2018

Fatty Foods - Lab Rats and Human Ones

Fatty foods seem to be addictive as shown by a recent study done by researchers with lab rats.

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Dec 05, 2018

High Glycemic Foods

Discussion of high glycemic foods, including a list of those foods that would fit into that category.

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Dec 04, 2018

Recipe Peanut Butter Fudge - A Healthier Version

Recipe Peanut Butter Fudge for a healthier version of this popular sweet treat.

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Dec 03, 2018

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Tips is always something fun to read to pick up new, easy ideas...

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Nov 30, 2018

Child Nutrition

A comprehensive look at child nutrition, including help with calories, nutrients and symptoms of an undernourished child.

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Nov 29, 2018

A Healthy Breakfast is King

A discussion of breakfast personality types and why eating a healthy breakfast is important to your good health.

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Nov 28, 2018

Daily Protein Requirement

Your daily protein requirement can be calculated with a mathematical equation or by using portion size.

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Nov 27, 2018

Food Guidelines

Food guidelines for healthy eating including a printable list of things you can do improve your eating habits.

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Nov 18, 2018

Magnesium Foods

A list of magnesium foods that will help you ensure that you have enough of this important mineral in your diet.

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Nov 16, 2018

What are Carbs?

Discussion of what are carbs and how they fit into a healthy eating lifestyle.

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Nov 15, 2018

Psst! That's Vegetarian Food!

What exactly is vegetarian food and what are the various types of vegetarians and how they fit in a meat-eating world.

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Nov 13, 2018

Healthy Eating Caffeine

Healthy Eating Caffeine provides information about caffeine, including where it is found and how it affects your health.

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Nov 12, 2018

Benefits of Eating Healthy

A list of the benefits of eating healthy, that will encourage you to take a look at your diet and its effect on your health.

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Nov 08, 2018

Complete Proteins

A list of complementary proteins that will help you to add complete proteins to your diet.

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Nov 07, 2018

Recipe Borscht - A Potato Version of This Popular Russian Soup.

Recipe Borscht for a nutritious and delicious feast!

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Nov 06, 2018

Recipe Chili

Recipe Chili - a delicious vegetarian chili that is chock full of nutritious ingredients and a mainstay of a healthy eating lifestyle.

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Nov 05, 2018

Nutrition Facts to help you plan your healthy eating lifestyle.

A quick list of Nutrition Facts to help you reach your goal of eating healthy.

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Nov 02, 2018

Garlic Facts and Benefits - Besides a seat on the subway!

A discussion of garlic facts and benefits, including buying, storing and cooking tips, as well as health benefits of this so-called stinking rose.

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Nov 01, 2018

Food Supply Tips - Ways to make the food supply work for you.

Food Supply Tips include help when grocery shopping, determining egg quality, HFCS in processed foods and fiber in breads.

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Oct 31, 2018

Healthy Menu Plan

Healthy Menu plan provides examples of healthy meals, including breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks, along with information about serving sizes for all food groups.

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Oct 30, 2018

Vitamin B12 Foods and Functions

A discussion of vitamin B12 foods and functions, including why it is of particular importance to the elderly.

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Oct 29, 2018

Healthy Eating Diabetes

Healthy Eating Diabetes page provide comprehensive information about diabetes, including symptoms and treatment.

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Oct 26, 2018

Whole Wheat Pasta - Is it really whole grain?

A discussion of what often passes as whole wheat pasta along with some recipes using this popular carbohydrate food.

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Oct 25, 2018

What is a Serving?

What is a Serving? Learning about serving sizes is a small step you can take towards a healthy eating lifestyle.

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Oct 24, 2018

Gluten Sensitivity

If you think you might have gluten sensitivity, here are some things you can do and information you need to know.

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