Fiber Quiz

Fiber Quiz

I recently visited an historical site in Canada that focused on the native people, who for thousands of years relied on the buffalo to survive. There were displays that showed how these resourceful people would use every part of the buffalo, from the meat, to the skin, to the bones and even the bladder, wasting nothing, and surviving in a harsh climate.

Pemmican for fiber

Since my area of expertise is nutrition, I naturally wondered how they could survive without eating any plant foods, and particularly without fiber in their diet. I found the answer when one exhibit showed how the native people would harvest several types of berries in the fall and mix them with buffalo fat to make something called “pemmican,” that they would munch on through the long winter. This was the source of the fiber, vitamins and minerals they needed to supplement their diet of buffalo meat.

Whaddaya know about fiber?

How much do you know about the need for fiber in your diet? Here is your chance to find out. 

Less monotonous, but healthier?

As I studied the displays and thought more about these Native Americans and their buffalo-based diet, I realized how much their diet differs from what we eat.

In many ways, their food supply, though simpler, was better than much of what we consume today. No white flour products, no sugary snacks and desserts, no trans-fats, no soft drinks or other empty calories, no GMO's, no hormones or antibiotics in the meat, no pesticides on the berries.

Just buffalo meat, home-made pemmican and pure water from the unpolluted streams!

It’s something to think about.

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