Nutrition Quiz

Healthy Eating Nutrition Quiz

When you think of all the quiz shows that have been on television, almost since the beginning, it appears that we enjoy testing our knowledge—especially if there’s a prize involved! 

There are even so-called home versions of these popular shows, so that fans can recreate the quiz show environment with family and friends. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of television quiz shows, you may have fun testing your knowledge.  It's a great way to learn and will help you remember the concepts that are new to you.

What's more, you could even say that there is a prize involved! The more you educate yourself about healthy eating, the better you will feel, and nothing beats the prize of your good health!

Click on the "Start" button below to begin the Nutrition Quiz. Then click on your answer and hit "Submit" to see if it is correct. Click anywhere on the background to go to the next question.

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Every little bit you can give will help these kids toward a healthy future. Thank you in advance for you kindness and generosity.

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